Meet Abbey

Hey y’all! I am so incredibly excited that you have stopped by.

If you’ve stopped by my home page then you know all the serious stuff. Here’s just a small summary. I was diagnosed with a life changing disease called Gastroparesis in September of 2012. Before that I was a super spunky spitfire kind of a girl. So here is the fun stuff:

I am an only child.     A Born and raised Texan.          My favorite color is Green.

No, I am not single.         I love animals because well…DUH! They are animals. ‘Nuff said.

I love learning languages although I am only fluent in one and even then English is hard y’all!

If you couldn’t already tell, I am just a little weird/quirky/only God knows.

Even though food is my own worst enemy (next to me being my own) I am a HUGE foodie!

Heading over to the gun range is one of my favorite pastimes. Another one is cleaning firearms that I own.

I have recently learned that I love the outdoors. Except that Texas summer heat because that is no joke… summer here is like don’t waste your time doing anything more than take a shower, roll on some man deodorant, brush your teeth and go. Any other efforts will become wasted by sweat. Sometimes even the man deodorant won’t do you any good.

I have the tendency to go on random rants or tangents. (See above.)

Thanks for reading this y’all!