Tortoise Movement

Tortoise Movement

I have been feeling like a tortoise. I have been feeling like a tortoise when it comes to healing. In July, I had a ligament replacement surgery. Week 4 post-op, I had a stitch abscess. My body was rejecting the suture material he used. The end of September I had a pre-op appointment and everything seemed okay. Good to go for my next operation I needed on my foot. October 2nd I was scheduled for that procedure. I had developed swelling and quite a bit of pain over the previous weekend but decided I would let my doctor check it out the morning of surgery.

I ended up in the emergency room. Diagnosed with a Staph Infection. I had two wound cleaning surgeries within 48 hours. I was discharged with a PICC line. I spent six weeks on hard-core antibiotics and healing from the surgery I never planned to have.

Once I got the all clear, I went to my doctor to schedule the surgery I was supposed to have in October. I had that surgery done November 30th.

This has been a painful and slow going process.

I don’t feel like I am healing as quickly as I have in the past. This surgery was a whole different thing though.

I feel like I am a tortoise. I am being really nice to myself… I really feel more like a slug. I don’t feel that I am making progress even though I am. I don’t feel that I am getting things done (which I am and I am not).

I am even moving slowly on posting here. On writing. On starting a new project that has been on my mind for a very long time.

So, that’s that.

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