One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out!

One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out!

Oh, where to begin? I have missed a ton of things and it feels like baseball. Three strikes and you’re out! You’re done with that part of the game.

My IBS has been acting up which causes my GP to flare. I am scared that I am reaching the end of the lifespan of my Enterra Device.

I had another foot surgery and that has put limits on me and I just want to be free!!! I want to find a way to make money for myself. I want to go out and live my life. I have hit a third strike. I’m down for the count. At least until the next batting lineup. Another inning.

I have been in one drug fog or another a lot lately. I think there is something to learn from every experience in life but I am still waiting for this one.

I feel like I have failed as far as going to church and socializing. I was just getting back into the rhythm of things. Then I got the staph infection and I needed another surgery on my foot after that. It feels discouraging when you have all of these setbacks.

I will wait for my next turn at bat. I will knock it out of the ballpark. I will get my home run. Until then I’ve struck out.

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