Oh How I Love To Sleep!

Oh How I Love To Sleep!

Okay y’all we are going to talk about sleep. 

You may be thinking to yourself why am I reading about sleep and what about sleep? 

Well I am a HUGE fan of sleep. I think I could be a professional in napping. Seriously guys I love my sleep. 

I always have even before I got sick. I have always been the type to need like 9-10 hours of sleep to be a pleasesnt person. 

Now I feel like I could sleep a good 16 hours a day and be good. The problem with that is I get nothing done! Nothing! 

So in a world of go, go, go I have to find a way to slow down and prioritize what needs to be done that day and what can be done tomorrow. 

I nap. I nap a lot. In the car (if I am not driving. Safety first y’all). In the waiting room. Waiting on the doctor in the exam room. And wherever I can catch a snooze. 

This is how I can function day in and day out. Sleep. 

I run into the problem of not being able to sleep because I am too nauseous or something is aching or something else going on with my digestive system. At this point I am useless. I am laying in bed binge watching Netflix because I don’t get the sleep I need. I fall asleep here and there through out the day and I get nothing accomplished. Other than maybe finishing season 2 of Gossip Girl. Haha. 

It is crazy how much sleep rules our lives normally but when you have a chronic illness… sleep seems to be the greatest treasure you have ever found. The greatest experience. 

I won’t speak entirely for the Spoonie community but I think we all feel that we will never feel rested. No matter how much we sleep. 

People have said “Well you need to get out more and be active. Get a routine going and that will help too.”

My answer to that is this: I can be active but I pay for it in the coming days. My life is nothing but a routine. When to take medicines. When to set up my feed and when that ends. Cleaning the extension lines. Doctors appointments. 

There is only so much one can do when they are chronically ill to help the need for sleep. 

Sometimes we just need to sleep. Period. That is how we take care of ourselves. Just like taking a pill or supplement. Just like if we went a holistic/homeopathic route to treat something. Sleep is part of that. 

Yes, sometimes I need to get my butt up and get going but there is a delicate balance when you have a chronic illness. 

Until next time….

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