When Things Don’t Go Your Way

When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Goodness gracious y’all…

I know it has been awhile since I have written and let me tell you it has been hard to want to.

This past Monday I was headed in for surgery to get a couple of things on my left foot all fixed up. 48 hours prior my ankle that I had the ligament replacement on really began to hurt. It got all bruised (see my post called A 55 Pound Dog) and was really painful. I thought it was just because of the dogs jumping on my ankle.

It continued to get worse over the weekend but I decided I would have my doctor take a look once I got to the surgery center Monday morning. I couldn’t walk on it and that really should have been a hint to go to the ER Sunday night.

I was put under general anesthesia and he found an infection so he told my parents to take me to the ER for IV antibiotics and see what was going on. They took a bunch of blood and all of that jazz.

I was admitted to the hospital not long after that. That night at 11pm I was taken into surgery for them to clean out the infection. They applied a wound vac and left it open for 24 hours to drain.

GROSS! Am I right?! The next day really early in the morning they scheduled another surgery and in I go… Clean out number two…

Turns out I have a Staph infection that thankfully did not make it’s way into the bones but filled my ankle and foot joint and was eating away at the material that replaced my ligament. Turns out that it made it into my bloodstream as well… That material was removed and after lots of waiting for cultures to come back I was discharged.

I have a PICC line for antibiotics which I get infusions of daily for the next 6 weeks.

The doctor wants my ankle completely immobilized for the next 6 weeks in hopes that my body will build enough scar tissue to create it’s own ligament.

This is not what I planned. I am bummed and bored and kind of in pain… in more ways than a pain pill can fix…

I thought 4 weeks recovery for the other procedure was doable. This is a whole new ballpark. This is not something I am familiar with. Not something I know how to deal with. It just is…

Until next time….


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