A 55 Pound Dog 

A 55 Pound Dog 

So as you know readers I recently had surgery on my ankle. I had to have a ligament replaced. 

I was finally walking normally and yesterday that changed. I now cannot bear weight on my foot and it is very painful. 

I am back in my splint and taking pain medication to make it bearable. 

You see my mom has this very sweet and loving German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. I love my JoJo even though she is my mom’s. Haha. 

JoJo and my dog-child Bentley were playing as I was laying in bed with my mom watching tv when the dogs jumped up on the bed. 

I had the full force of both dogs ram into and on top of my ankle. 

It is bruised and angry but yesterday my foot decided to respond by cramping up for hours. Couldn’t even touch it without me screaming. Hat cramping worked its way up my leg.  I cannot tell you how much fun that was (sarcasm by the way).

I took pain meds and was zonked for the rest of the night. 

Russell and I were supposed to go out on our yearly tradition but that didn’t happen. 

I wanted to go out today but that didn’t happen. 

I wanted to go to church tomorrow and a fellowship event. Not going to happen. 

Surgery number two happens Monday. I will explain that in another post. 

Until next time…

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