Last night my family and I were looking for somewhere to go out for dinner. It is getting impossible! Looking at different menus at restaurants…. it’s not worth going to new places! I have like a rotation of a handful of places I can eat but some of my family doesn’t like or can’t eat at. So we try to find new places.

Most of them are new age gastropubs or something where they choose to “elevate” a normal dish like nachos or pizza or something. Do they realize how difficult this makes it for those who have dietary restrictions?!

I am also talking about the people who have allergies. Not only GPers. Most of these foods are prepped and made before opening (or frozen from a supplier) and so there is not the option of separating things out.

Russell is allergic to shellfish. Do you know how many restaurants do not cook their shellfish separately from everything else?! TOO MANY!! Also, there are places that do…. except when there is a dinner or lunch rush then screw that whole process!

These restaurants could be killing people!!! There is something seriously wrong with this!

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I like the different foods. I wanted chicken wings one time. I can have chicken. My option from the menu? Duck wings!

The world talks about accessibility all the time and how important it is. I would like to think this should apply to food as well! I’m not saying that nothing can touch anything else but can this world of food (that our lives revolve around) be a little more accessible for those who have specific dietary needs?

Until next time my friends!

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