Navigating Disability & Drugged Recovery

Navigating Disability & Drugged Recovery

Hi everyone!

It has been so long! I have missed y’all! I was thinking ,just now, how navigating the tricky waters of applying for disability is so tough! You walk this fine line and have to be really careful about the things you do. They look into your life with a microscope and a fine tooth comb. Mostly your finances and medical records but still!

Now that I have that out there. Let’s talk surgery and recovery. I just had a ligament replaced in my ankle, some extra bone shaved down and some extra tissue that was holding two bones together that shouldn’t be held together removed.

I am used to being on different medications and such for the different conditions I have but surgery just complicates all of that! Not only do I have my normal medications but for post op I have 2 antibiotics, pain medication, regular Tylenol and Advil.

That may not seem like too big of a deal for someone who has normal stomach function but for me? Oh dear Lord! Antibiotics do not do well in my snail like digestive tract and they just sit there. Which could be REALLY bad.

Side Note/Soap Box Moment:

You know when you give a doctor or someone a head’s up about something that you know works really well a certain way but they go ahead with their plan? Like when you drop your child at day care and you tell the person that your child will not eat if the food is touching and they just give you the kind smile and tell you something like “Okay, thanks for letting us know. We will get it all worked out.” Then little Johnny gets ready for lunch and his food is touching and he throws a tantrum and doesn’t eat. (Mom has to choose her battles. Food touching is not one of them.) The day care just learned the hard way instead of listening to mom. I feel like that in doctor’s appointments sometimes.

I had a mom tell me when I was watching her son that he likes to be cuddled to fall asleep. I said something like “Okay, thanks for the tip. When is his nap time?” Nap time went smooth as butter because I listened to mom and cuddled that sweet infant boy until he went to sleep.

Now why couldn’t doctor’s take into account that their patient may have some idea of what they are talking about? Especially when you know they are crazy aware of every millimeter of their body. The doctor knows that you have a chronic illness or illnesses. We spend enough time in doctor’s offices. We may not have our M.D. but we have a lot of knowledge from trial and error and just experience with the way our body accepts or rejects things.  Cuddle that infant until he goes to sleep Doc!

And back to our regularly scheduled blog post….

It got so bad that I stopped the antibiotics for now. I wasn’t eating and my feeds were making me nauseated. Finding a solution to that is not going to be easy. I have a call into my doctor, as you may know, these things always manage to happen on a weekend. So, I do what I have learned to do and become mediocre at…. wait.

The pain meds make me really dizzy which makes it difficult to focus or even finish a sentence.

Brain fog that is drug induced is the real deal y’all. You can ask Russell. Conversations take a little while. I deal with brain fog on a regular basis but this is a new level. Fortunately, I am able to take less and less of this medication as I recover and heal.

Pain medications slow down the gastrointestinal tract in anybody. Now imagine what it does for someone with Gastroparesis.

Anyway, that is my post for today!

Until next time my friends!





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