Why SMW Exists

So I am a big time follower of The Mighty (a blog for people with chronic illnesses, caregivers, family members, etc…) and a lot of times it reminds me of why I started Spoonie Meets World. I don’t think I have really ever spelled it out, though. I think it is important for my followers … Read More

Two Days. Too Much.

Sunday, I spent the day pushing myself too far. I cleaned/organized my bathroom and clean/organized half of the bedroom. I hadn’t been sleeping well the past few nights so I was already tired. Monday, I Neflixed and Chilled. Seriously, that is all I did. I ate some food. Made some phone calls but I watched … Read More

Defining Healing

I have been really concentrating and reflecting on this particular post. It has been on my list for about 3 months now. This particular topic is incredibly important to me. So here we go. I have been told that we have to allow things to heal. Or that people pray for healing. Or with time healing … Read More

The Nectar of Awesome!

Okay y’all, today is super busy! I had a cardiology appointment today and then we are picking up my cousin’s daughter so we can have some summer fun!  I want to focus on the cardiology appointment.  So I went with Russell and my mom. A previous cardiologist said that she wanted to just put on … Read More

Oh Heavens!

Today is the first full day we have had my mom’s 6 year old great niece, M. As much as I want to be able to play all day and run around… you know… all the things an energetic 6 year old does… I just can’t.  I constantly wonder about if I should ever have children. If … Read More

Come Together 

Hey y’all!  I wanted to take a moment to share with you what is going on this next week because I will be in and out when it comes to my blog! I will still check for comments and feedback everyday.  So I have a ton of phone calls to make tomorrow. I have to … Read More