Long Time No Post

Hey y’all, So let’s just say I have been really sick recently and haven’t had the energy or will to write.  I am also working on a little project so I have been super busy with that.  Y’all will be seeing a few changes soon but I am not leaving y’all!!  I have a couple … Read More

Mon Cœur

Mon Cœur

I have a love affair with the French language. Mon Cœur, is directly translated from French meaning, my heart. It is a term of endearment in the french language. Similar to the idea of calling someone my love. And that is exactly the topic of this post. It is long overdue. Mon Cœur,  Over the past month … Read More

I am a Rescue Dog

I am sure y’all are looking at this title going, huh? Let me explain. Dogs get upset tummies, too. In particular rescue dogs don’t really know what to do with actual dog food or they have any upset stomach because either shelters feed them what they have been donated (which sometimes is good quality food … Read More

Tough Week.

I apologize if this post is everywhere. Everything I have ever gone through has been flooding through my heart again this past week. Every emotion I have ever felt in these past 4 or 5 years have come rushing through my heart like a river through a broken dam. I can relate almost everything to … Read More

When In Doubt…

Okay, here goes nothing. It’s okay to doubt your faith. To doubt is to have curiosity. To doubt is to be someone who thinks for themselves. To doubt means that you are human, We have already discussed being human is a wonderful thing. (If you missed it click here to go check it out.) For … Read More