Not Today

Today was not a good day. We’ll just let that sentence sink in. Okay, now we can get to why. I would like to start with I started it. I woke up really grumpy for whatever reason this morning. All hell broke loose. In the direction of Russell. He did absolutely nothing to cause the … Read More

No Offense but You Don’t!

I just want to start this with saying that this post is not coming from any kind of anger or frustration or hurt of any kind. You know when your friends and family do everything they can to make it seem like they understand. Or we’ll even throw doctor’s into that category, co-workers, bosses, etc. … Read More

Does It Happen For A Reason?

Hi, my name is Abbey and I’m a Christian. This is where everyone replies Hi, Abbey. in a really flat tone. Welcome to Christian’s Anonymous. Which doesn’t actually exist because I’d rather not be anonymous. Anyone else? Okay, I just really wanted to start this blog this way…. Sorry if it threw y’all for a … Read More

I don’t know!

You know when you have ingenious thoughts and then not even an hour later they go away?! Yeah, that was my post for today. I had this thing I wanted to share with all of y’all and then poof! It’s gone! What the heck brain?! I just know within my heart that it was really … Read More

We Aren’t Going to Dallas!

Easter weekend is here! I have family throughout east Texas and a lot of us are getting together tomorrow to celebrate together. There are lots of little ones so an Easter Egg Hunt is definitely going to be happening. All week Russell and I have been talking about this trip. Preparing for it. Telling others. … Read More

Flight Was Delayed

This post has absolutely nothing to do with airplanes. In fact this post’s topic is migraines. So as you know there is the butterfly in my logo and as you know they fly. Hence flight was delayed. I deal with Chronic Migraines and that is just superb. Not really. Anyway so I haven’t blogged the … Read More

The Lean

I don’t know if anyone feels this way but sometimes a girl just has to prop herself up on a wall or fridge or really whatever is available. Even though my bloodwork says that I have met all of my nutritional requirements (thank you feeding tube) I still just don’t have the strength or maybe … Read More